What is the Fortnite Player count in 2023? (2023)


May 24, 2023

Jordan Ashley

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Fortnite has had a huge impact on the gaming industry, even becoming the first metaverse. To become such a cultural force, it’s had to amass a pretty impressive player base. But the size of the Fortnite player base has fluctuated from time to time. A lot of people wonder about the exact size of the Fortnite player count.

Most game developers rarely release this kind of information and for a while, Epic was the same. They would only release some very specific and selective data on the Fortnite player base when it reached some kind of all-time high. However, that’s changed recently. Everyone can see how many people play Fortnite, and it’s a lot. When you factor in all the people watching the best Fortnite streamers, it’s clearly still very popular.

We now have easy access to information that tells us exactly how many players are in each game mode. Although with Creative and Unreal for FN, it’s a bit more complicated. With some outside information, we can even look at demographics and how much of the player count of Fortnite is kids. While it is sometimes decreasing, the Fortnite player count in 2023 is still impressive. It seems that new highs are still being consistently hit too.

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How Many People Play Fortnite?

Epic has recently decided to give complete stats for how many people play Fortnite! Epic breaks down the total online players for anyone to look at in the lobby.
It varies from hour to hour. However, there are a few benchmarks that the player base has largely hit in Fortnite Chapter 4. There are usually around half a million to three quarters of a million players on Zero Builds and builds. That’s along with another million or million and a half in other game modes.

Essentially, we’re normally around 3 million players online.

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Although, this will obviously vary depending on what’s going on in-game.

Fortnite’s Active Players

That’s how many players are online at any one time. How many log-in each month or so though? Most recently, Epic claimed over 235 million active accounts. Although, these don’t all log in every month. The monthly average accounts seem to sit around 80 million according to most estimates.

For total accounts, it’ll be a bit inflated. Even big figures in Fortnite have operated quite a few accounts under their own name. It might be against the rules, but that rule-breaking can be pretty brazenly flouted. Some players even start up a new account frequently to have a quick match with a lobby full of bots to practice. So registered users aren’t a particularly helpful measure of how many people are actually playing.

In terms of how many are actually active and playing, there were 12.3 million playing concurrently in 2019. Fortnite’s best-ever month for the player count was in 2018 when 78 million were actively playing in August. Additionally, back in December 2020, over 15.3 million players united to beat Galactus in a single-day event. This is the highest that the Fortnite player count has gotten in such a short span of time.

Demographics – How much of the Player Count in Fortnite are Kids?

Fortnite player count numbers are one thing, but what about the demographics? In 2018, 62.7% of Fortnite players were under 24, with 22.5% being between 25 and 34. The remaining portion was over 35, giving particular weight to the game’s player base. So, we can say that a large portion of the Fortnite player base is pretty young.

Who is playing Fortnite?

A study by Verto Analytics has given players a much better look at who is part of the Fortnite player count.

  • On top of 62.7% being 18-24, 22.5% are 25-43.
  • Men are 72.4% of the player base, with only 27.6% being women.

Fortnite’s demographics also seem to pull in people who don’t often play games. 37% of players don’t play games other than Fortnite. This probably contributes a lot to the average time spent on Fortnite.

How Many People Are Playing Fortnite Right Now?

If you want to know how many people are playing Fortnite right now, it’s easy to find out. Just open up the game and check each game mode! This can’t account for every single Fortnite creative map like all of the Fortnite hide and seek codes. However, it’s a nice measure of all of the main modes.

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How Many People Spend Money on Fortnite?

Alongside the player count, the people spending money on Fortnite is a good measure of its current popularity. Although, there are some ways to get free V-bucks.

If we take a look at the monthly spending by players, we can clearly see a steady decline up until the pandemic lockdowns forced millions of players to stay put and likely invest money and play time into Fortnite.

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Data source: Sensor Tower

When Did the Fortnite Player Count Peak?

The active Fortnite number of players first spiked with the Travis Scott concert and sat at 12.5 million concurrently active players. If you factor in stream viewers, the black hole event probably beat this.

In terms of actual Fortnite player base peaks though, that Galaticus event was definitely the peak to date. 15 million people were involved in that event, and that’s not counting the huge number of streaming viewers. Fortnite might well break this record again in the future, with the game holding big events at the end of each Chapter.

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Fortnite Save the World Player Count

The Battle Royale side of Fortnite isn’t the entire game, and we have a much better idea of players of the Save the World game. This side of the game was paid, so we can easily look at sale figures to see how many players Save the World has. Last time the game’s sales figures were announced publicly, it had sold over a million copies.

Is the Fortnite Player Count Dropping?

The player base of Fortnite might be dropping, but if it is then only steadily. Fortnite is a game that thrives on constant renewal. What comes with this is a fairly healthy cycle of players coming in and out. Fortnite has had seasons with a significantly lower player count followed up by considerably more popular ones.

The opening of Chapter 2 brought a lot of players, new and old, back to Fortnite after its spark had dulled a little. It’s likely that Chapter 3, as did Chapter 4. A bigger factor recently is more modes like Zero Builds and Unreal opening up creative. The Fortnite player base is more split up than ever. So even if it isn’t actually dropping, it can feel less crowded.

While the topic of Fortnite dying is always popping up, the game’s player count tends to go up and down rather than just in one direction.

Fortnite on Twitch

One way you can look at the Fortnite player count or general interest is to look on Twitch. A lot of people watch more Fortnite than they actually play. The game is still routinely sat in the top few spots on Twitch, so we can safely say a lot of people are watching Fortnite on Twitch.

Fortnite’s player count can be hard to figure out, even with the currently active players’ number being provided. Since so few games give this information it’s hard to measure it against anything. However, since this feature was added the player base size seems pretty stable. It might fluctuate in the future, but at the moment it feels like Fortnite remains as popular as ever.

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What is the Fortnite Player count in 2023? ›

Fortnite has more than 250 million average monthly players as of 2023. More than 25 million players use Fortnite daily. The average number of concurrent players on Fortnite is reported to be more than 9 million players. 21.64% of the players on the Fortnite platform are reported to be from the United States.

How many Fortnite players are there 2023? ›

Since the start of 2023, there has been a daily average of 24 million different players, and every month sees between 230 and 270 million unique players hopping online.

Is Fortnite losing popularity 2023? ›

Active Monthly Players and Registered Users Stats

The statistics speak for themselves: Fortnite boasts over 220 million active monthly players and more than 400 million unique registered users since its launch. These figures clearly indicate that the game is far from dying out.

How much downloads does Fortnite have in 2023? ›

Fortnite Total Download Count in 2023

No official record shows the exact numbers of how many people downloaded Fortnite, however, it is safe to assume that Fortnite has been downloaded more than 500 million times and more than 400 million registered users.

Who is the number 1 Fortnite player 2023? ›

The Best Fortnite Player in the World in 2023 is Kami

That being said Kami's placement in solo cash cups was slightly better than Setty's and he even managed to win a few solo tournaments which Setty did not do.

What chapter is Fortnite on 2023? ›

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is slated to release on Friday, August 25, 2023.

How many 20 year olds play Fortnite? ›

Fortnite age demographics 2022 (%)
AgePercentage of users
1 more row

How many kids play Fortnite? ›

More than 40 million children and adults play Fortnite Battle Royale, and it appears that many are obsessed with it. Fortnite was released last year (2017) by Epic Games. There are two different versions: Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

How many girls play Fortnite? ›

Men are 72.4% of the player base, with only 27.6% being women.

Why is Fortnite so easy 2023? ›

The answer is simple: Bots. Epic Games had announced that it was planning to add bots to the game, but nobody was sure if they were going to arrive at the start of chapter 2 when the Black Hole disappeared. It turns out the bots are here and they are... Not super skilled when it comes to earning kills.

How many adults play Fortnite? ›

Fortnite User Demographics

A 2018 analysis in the US found that over half (62.7%) of players are aged 18 to 24 years. In fact, in December 2022, Epic Games received a hefty fine totaling $275 million for violating children's privacy. A further 22.5% of players are aged between 25 to 34 years.

Does Fortnite still make money? ›

Fortnite currently generates “billions of dollars a year in revenue from player purchases,” Saxs Persson, Epic's EVP of the Fortnite ecosystem, said onstage at last week's State of Unreal event.

How long will Fortnite Chapter 3 last? ›

All Fortnite Seasons to Date: The Full Timeline and Info
SeasonStart DateEnd Date
Chapter 3 Season 1Dec 5 2021Mar 19 2021
Chapter 3 Season 2Mar 20 2022June 3 2022
Chapter 3 Season 3June 4 2022Sept 17 2022
Chapter 3 Season 4Sept 18 2022Dec 3 2022
20 more rows

What is the best skin in Fortnite 2023? ›

1. Peely. Peely just pulls into the number 1 spot of Fortnite skins for one reason; he better represents the game than Jonsey. Jonsey might be the protagonist, but Peely is just as recognizable as a Fortnite original character.

Who has won the most FNCS? ›

Mero has the most FNCS wins in the world with five, both with and without Bugha.

Who is the most skilled Fortnite player? ›

Best Fortnite Players in 2023: Top 10 Players in the World
#IDCurrent Team
1QueasyGalaxy Racer
6 more rows
Jun 6, 2023

Who has more players Minecraft or Fortnite 2023? ›

If we are to follow the data offered by Twitch and Google Trends, Fortnite is more popular as compared to Minecraft. It also mints more money than Minecraft, but it also enjoys higher concurrent players. Fortnite has been maintaining a glorious track record from the beginning.

Can you play Fortnite in 2023? ›

Fortnite Project Nova is a third-party mod that allows players to play Fortnite OG in 2023. Feel the nostalgia to the fullest as you hop off the Battle Bus onto Chapter 1 Island, where you'll rediscover old POIs like Greasy Grove and Retail Row.

When was the last Fortnite update 2023? ›

The future of Chapter 4 Season 3 will change with the v25. 20 update. Fortnite players have a lot to look forward to as the highly-anticipated update v25. 20 for Chapter 4 Season 3 is set to go live on July 26, 2023.

How many people play roblox 2023? ›

Roblox has 214.10 million Monthly Active Users as of 2023. More people began to immerse themselves in online gaming as the coronavirus pandemic scenario intensified.


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