Best Italian white wines for summer Decanter

11 Outstanding Italian White Wines That You Should Drink This Summer

A glyceric sip wine and at the same time very fresh, pulpy and brackish. A point of reference for viticulture in the Marche region, Cantico della Figura is a unique wine, rightfully among the best italian white wines. Grapes:Verdicchio 100% Marche region. Derthona Costa del Vento 2017 - Vigneti Massa

Best Italian white wines for summer Decanter

Montepulciano (red): Smoky tobacco, mocha and wild berry flavors that range from supple and smooth to chewy on the finish. Look for Rosso Conero. Verdicchio (white): A lean, dry white wine with pear skin and preserved lemon flavors supported with a creamy oily palate. A great wine for pairing with fish.

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The range of Italian white wine styles is staggering. From top-quality sparklers to exquisite dry wines and rich dessert wines, Italy fits the bill for every occasion from start to finish. 1. Franciacorta. Italy's best sparkling wine is Lombardia's Franciacorta. These high-quality wines from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Bianco use the.

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Veneto. Another region known primarily for its reds like Amarone, don't overlook the Veneto's white wine Soave. Soave: This is grown at higher altitudes in clay soils—both factors that slow down ripening and create a backbone of acidity plus complexity. It's made from 100% Garganega.

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What is Italian White. Italian White is a catch-all category of traditional Italian white varieties. Examples of these wines include Arneis, Cortese, Friulano, Trebbiano and Vermentino, among others.You can use Wine Enthusiast's online Buying Guide to find the top-rated Italian White wines among our extensive Italian White wine reviews and easy-to-use database.

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This white Italian wine is produced in Campania with an ancient Fiano grape. The best examples made in the region are typically light or full-bodied, fresh, lively, and elegant, with good acidity and complex notes of honey, citrus, and pears, whic. READ MORE. 41. Wine Appellation.

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Gewürztraminer. An off-dry wine like Gewürztraminer has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. The wine has notable flavors of grapefruit, lychee, tangerine, and ginger with exotic floral scents. Gewürztraminer has a thick mouthfeel, low acidity level, and an ABV of 13.5% to 15%.

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Eight award-winning Italian white wines from the IWSC 2022. 1 Fattoria La Vialla, Vin Santo del Chianti Riserva 2016. 2 Fattoria La Vialla, Barriccato Bianco Non Filtrato 2020. 3 Sibiliana Vini, Eughenes Zibibbo 2021. 4 Canicattí, Versante Settecento Carricante 2020. 5 Tenuta del Buonamico, M.I.O. 2021. 6 Italo Cescon, Pinot Grigio 2021.

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Castel del Monte. This white wine comes from the Murge area and is produced from Chardonnay, Pampanuto, and Bombino Bianco vines. It has a more or less intense straw color; a delicate aroma, with a characteristic, fruity scent; a dry, harmonious flavor. The minimum alcohol content is 10.5 °.

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A white wine that is both novel and straightforward, with a great deal of regional character. White wine from Abruzzo is among the best in Italy because of the region's unique dialectic between fruit pulp, flavor, and the wine's ability to age. 7. Toscana. enotecaladolcevita. Enoteca La Dolce Vita.

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Querciabella 2017 Batàr Toscana IGT. This 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc from Querciabella is one of Italy's iconic whites. Slightly smoky and spicy out front, its aromas evolve.

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Flavor: Floral and citrus. Click for Alois Lageder Terra Alpina Chardonnay. 5. Italian Gavi wine. Back in our beloved Piedmont region, the most famous white wine is Gavi. Made using the Cortese grape, it's named for the charming town Gavi in which it grows. This wine is crisp and refreshing and easy-drinking.

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Garganega. Experience the essence of Italian elegance with Garganega. This enchanting white wine boasts a vibrant acidity complemented by flavors of ripe orchard fruits and delicate floral undertones. Crafted from the esteemed Garganega grape, one of the most popular Italian grape varieties, this wine is best enjoyed chilled on a sunny terrace.

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There's so much value to be had among Italian whites too - often the more modest the better. Grapes such as Verdicchio, Vernaccia and Vermentino are a welcome sight on a wine list: fairly priced, modest in alcohol and - despite their apparent neutrality, which tends to make them unremarkable in a tasting line-up - wonderfully versatile.

Best Italian white wines for summer Decanter

2. Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grgio is one of the most well-known Italian white wines. It is known for producing excellent white wines in the Veneto area. This wine is usually quite light. It is also slightly citrusy. The refreshing Pinot is a great pairing for seafood dishes and salads.

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Ribolla Gialla is a white-skinned Italian grape that is also prominent and commonly planted in neighboring Slovenia, where it is known as Rebula. Ribolla has a long and rich history, with a first written reference dating to the 13th century.. Soave is an Italian wine that comes from the namesake wine region, which is located east of Verona.