Squash, Golden Zucchini (55 days) American Seed Co.

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Yellow Zucchini, Summer Squash 'Easy Pick Gold' (Cucurbita pepo) Care Guide. Select a sunny site, away from trees and close to a water source if possible. Prepare the garden by breaking up the existing soil (use a hoe, spade, or power tiller) to a depth of 12-16" (30-40cm). Add organic matter such as manure, peat moss or garden compost.

Squash, Gold Rush Hybrid (49 days) American Seed Co.

Depending upon the variety, golden zucchini will be ready to harvest in 35 to 55 days from planting. As with other zucchini varieties, plant golden zucchini in full sun in well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. Prior to planting, work a few inches (8 cm.) of compost or other organic matter into the soil. If your soil does not drain well, consider.

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Easypick Gold Hybrid II Zucchini. #03533. Write a Review. 15 seeds. $5.15. 45-50 Days. Count on easy and continuous harvesting, without pain and aggravation, on plants with nearly spineless leaves and stems. Simply twist the slender 10" fruit to pick - less scarring and clean harvest means longer shelf life.

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Growing Easy Pick Gold Zucchini Plant. Growing to a maximum size of 4-5 feet high by 4-5 feet wide, this zucchini needs room to thrive. Best grown in full sun, the Easy Pick Gold Zucchini Plant is easy to grow from seed and can be sown indoors 6 weeks before the last frost, or sow directly outside in early summer.

Squash, Golden Zucchini (55 days) American Seed Co.

Because zucchini craves sun, pick a very sunny location. If possible, try to find one that's sheltered from the wind because high winds can sometimes interfere with pollination. Sow the seeds about one inch deep and three feet apart. Or, if you choose to grow in hills, or mounds, sow three to four seeds in each mound.

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Make sure you haven't grown zucchini in this spot for the last couple of years to avoid soil degradation. Break the topsoil with a spade to loosen it up and mix in about 2 inches of aged manure or organic compost. Build small hills to grow the vines and space them 6 feet apart. Dig a hole for every couple of seeds.

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Easy Pick Gold II Zucchini is a variety of Cucurbita pepo that is well known for its mild flavor and easy picking qualities. With nearly spineless leaves, the open-growing plants are easy to spot and harvest, thanks to their glossy deep yellow fruit. They are ready to harvest in 45-50 days and can be enjoyed when picked small with a flower.

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Delicious, glossy golden that are zucchini effortlessly found and painlessly picked are the hallmarks of Easy Pick Gold II. Bush plants grow the same amount in height and width, nearly spine-free, in a straightforward open habit facilitating a trouble-free harvest for novice and experienced gardeners alike. The plants possess intermediate disease resistance against aphid-borne viruses. Pick.

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Sumptuous, golden Easy Pick Zucchini are smooth-textured and grow on open plants with no prickly spines. With a simple twist, fruits harvest quickly and cleanly with less scarring. Plants mature about 32 days from transplant. For information on growing Zucchini, click Growing Guide.

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Type : Zucchini. Habit : Bush. Exterior Color : Gold. Fruit Size : 1-10 in./3-25 cm long.. Easy Pick Series is well-matched, smooth-textured and can be grown and marketed together. Open habit with nearly no spines on the petioles for easy and continuous harvests with no pain and less scarring on fruit.

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Harvest & Storage. • Summer squash: Harvest regularly when fruits are young to keep plants productive. • Winter squash: Leave on vine until fully mature, rinds should be firm. • When winter squash is mature cut stem leaving 2-4 inches remaining, gently wash in sanitizing solution; 10 parts water to 1 part bleach.

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Look no further than easy pick gold zucchini! This tasty vegetable is a favorite among gardeners for its vibrant color, tender texture, and sweet flavor. This tasty vegetable is a favorite among gardeners for its vibrant color, tender texture, and sweet flavor.

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Find Easy Pick Gold Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo var. cylindrica 'Easy Pick Gold') in Orange County, CA California CA at Roger's Gardens (Courgette)

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Easy Pick Gold Zucchini. Savor old-fashioned zucchini flavor with an updated style: relatively compact plants with no leaf spines and gold-skinned fruit. These summertime favorites still offer a fast-growing, abundant crop that continues non-stop until frost. Try growing them in 20-inch or larger containers.

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Product Details. Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo 'Easy Pick Gold II'. Height: 3-4 feet. Spacing: 30-48 inches. Depth: 1" deep. Spread: 3-4 feet. Color: Yellow. Size: 20 Seed Packet. Fruit: Glossy, deep yellow fruit has a smooth texture, with nearly no spines for easier harvesting.

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45-50 Day. Yellow Zucchini. An easy pick for summer squash. Open habit, nearly spineless plants bear an abundance of rich, golden colored fruits that can be harvested anywhere from 1-10. An incredible disease resistance package and no need for pollination means a continuous supply of zucchini all summer long. Enjoy the smooth texture and mild flavor in all your summer dishes.