KIT KAT Sakura 🌸 Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 11pcs Made

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In a campaign which highlights the new paper wrapping, the design includes an Easter Bunny surrounded by eggs and flowers which can actually be colored in. The rereleases also include two seasonally appropriate cherry blossom-inspired chocolate bars, Sakura Nihonshu (Japanese sake) and Sakura Mochi flavor, a traditional springtime treat.

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Kit Kat introduces a limited edition cherry blossom flower flavor in the spring! The flavor was first introduced in 1994 and has since been a favorite among residents and visitors. Since then, additional sakura options, such as sakura mochi and sakura Japanese sake flavors, have emerged.

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Almost annually in Japan, the spring has sakura (cherry blossom) flavor, while pumpkin Kit Kat is available during Autumn. In addition to the popular flavors, there are region-specific Kit Kat varieties distinct to certain parts of Japan. In Okinawa, there's a purple sweet potato flavor. Hokkaido offers black soybean and Hokkaido melon flavors.

KIT KAT Sakura Mochi Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 12pcs

Japanese Kit Kat 21 Piece Variety Pack, Chocolate Candy Bundle to Gift or Enjoy, Snack Box with Strawberry, Green Tea Double Matcha, Pudding and more. Japanese Sakura Mochi Candies -Real Traditional Cherry blossom Rice Cakes- Aromatic Flavor of Japanese Spring Soft and Chewy Texture Individually Wrapped 300g/10.58oz. Sakura. 10.58 Ounce.

KIT KAT Sakura Mochi Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 12pcs

Perhaps worldwide, the humble Kit Kat isn't a chocolate bar known for boundary pushing flavours and innovative thinking. But Japanese Kit Kats are like a whole other breed of snack, ever-evolving into wackier flavours, more creative ideas and even attempting to tackle issues such as climate change. In September 2019, they started an overhaul of their usual plastic wrappers, pledging to fully.

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The Kit Kat Chocolatory Sakura Cherry Blossom Strawberry offers a real taste of spring, Japanese-style. The spring season in Japan means two main things: the college entry exams and the start of a new academic year, and the cherry blossom (sakura). This special set comes in a cylindrical package like a graduating diploma, containing five mini.

KIT KAT Sakura 🌸 Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 11pcs Made

Although there have been more Kit Kat flavors than we can find in a single blog post, a few of the unique flavors include: Adzuki, or red bean Kit Kats. Beni imo, or purple sweet potato. Matcha (green tea) Hojicha (roasted green tea) Brown sugar syrup. Hot Japanese chili. Cherry blossom. Caramel macchiato McFlurry.

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The new variety for 2020 is Sakura Mochi, which takes its flavour profile from the popular traditional Japanese sweet of the same name.Sakura Mochi consists of red bean paste and pink-coloured glutinous mochi rice, all wrapped up in a pickled sakura leaf, and the new KitKat replicates the sweet by using real sakura leaf powder extract and sweet bean powder within the chocolate coating and wafers.

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The other packs in the sakura-themed range feature blossoms on special seasonal packaging. The varieties chosen for the special packaging are milk, dark and iyokan, which is a special type of Japanese citrus similar to a mandarin. While these varieties don't contain any cherry blossom flavour, they come covered in sakura blooms and falling petals, with each individually wrapped sweet.

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Every spring, people in Japan prepare for an annual event that marks the arrival of spring, the cherry blossom viewing season. As always, the season comes with a slew of sakura-themed goods and beverages, and this year Nestle Japan is joining the celebration by bringing out a new cherry blossom Kit Kat and re-releasing a favorite.

KIT KAT Sakura 🌸 Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 11pcs Made

Quite the popular sakura-themed beverage in Japan, you can also find this in markets aside from Don Quijote. 5. Suppamucho Chips Ume Plum Flavour. The popular Suppamucho Chips can easily be found in Japan and this one, in particular, is a plum flavour. Plum blossoms are one of the flowers you can find right before and sometimes during the.

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Sakura (cherry blossoms) season draws visitors from all over the world to marvel at the beautiful cherry blossom trees. It's only fitting that Kit Kat made a flavor related to it. These Kit Kat are a white chocolate coating blended with Japanese sake and contains .07% alcohol. The wafers are even made with real sakura leaf powder to give them.

KIT KAT Sakura Mochi Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 12pcs

Kit Kat Sakura Cherry Blossom Made and only available in Japan. Hanami flavours are accompanied by a special limited-edition Easter treat this year. As we head into the end of February, people in Japan are now getting ready to prepare for an annual event that marks the arrival of spring, the hanami cherry blossom viewing season..

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While Sakura Kit Kat bars are pink just like the flowers on cherry blossom trees, don't make the common mistake of thinking this candy tastes like cherries. It has a completely different flavor. Cherry blossom trees don't bear cherries or any other fruit, so instead of being sweet or tart like cherries, Sakura Kit Kat bars have a flavor that's.

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This Kit Kat Chocolatory Sakura Cherry Blossom Strawberry Special Set is another fantastic example. Themed around the Japanese spring, which means above all the cherry blossom (sakura) and the start of a new school year, inside you will find seasonal five mini Kit Kat snacks: each is a vibrant pink color with a flavor that blends sakura cherry.

KIT KAT Sakura Mochi Cherry Blossom Seasonal Limited Edition 12pcs

The star of the collection is the Sakura Strawberry Kit Kats, sold exclusively at Japan's Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique stores, and packaged in a large cylindrical tube, which is said to represent a scroll-like graduating certificate or diploma.As part of the Chocolatory's "Special" range of upmarket Kit Kats, the new release comes with a gorgeous display of pale pink cherry blossoms on.